In the 1970s, Toyobo entered the molecular biology business. Its products in this area include various kinds of restriction endonucleases and modifying enzymes that have been derived from the remarkable technologies it developed in fermentation and purification over the previous decades.

Today, Toyobo Life Science Department is a leading manufacturer of enzymes and reagents for life science research and industrial fields based on our original technologies about PCR enzymes, antibodies, modifying enzymes, magnetic beads and immunoassays. Toyobo Life Science Department is able to provide scientists across the world with a wide variety of unique materials and reagent for application to lifescience research and industrial processes.

Information about Toyobo's exclusive enzymes and reagents is available on the website below. Toyobo looks forward to supporting your research and business enterprises with its technology and products.

Website: http://www.toyobo-global.com/seihin/xr/lifescience/


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