BEX Co., Ltd, located in Tokyo, Japan, which started as a biochemical service company, is also a leading manufacturers of electroporators, electro cell fusers and electrodes for in vivo electroporation and cell fusion. Our CUY21 electroporators and LF101/301 electro cell fusers have been used by top researchers around the world for over twenty years. Especially CUY21EDIT and LF101 have been their first choices for in vivo electroporation and somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) experiments, respectively. Recently we have evolved CUY21EDIT to CUY21EDIT II to be applicable to in vitro electroporation for cultured cells and to generate constant current pulses for more reproducible results in some in vivo electroporation experiments. We have also launched new electroporator Genome Editor for zygote genome editing. LF101/301 have also been upgraded to CFB16 to cover zygote genome editing and tetraploid formation. We are committed to advancing our products to meet the needs of our customers.

Website: www.bexnet.co.jp/english/

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