The conference will take place at Nara Kasugano International Forum, Nara, Japan.

IRAKA - The Nara Kasugano International Forum
101 Kasugano-cho
Nara City
Nara Prefecture 630-8212

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The Nara Kasugano International Forum is located in the centre of Nara Park, which is in the centre of the ancient city of Nara. Deer freely roam around the site, which is also surrounded by many historical landmarks, including Todai-ji Temple, Kasuga-taisha Shrine and Kofuku-ji Temple.

The Hall has an impressive Noh theatre and beautiful gardens, that delegates will be able to experience.

Reaching the venue within Nara

Nara is divided into two main areas - downtown, where most of the hotels are located and the national park, where the conference venue is located.

There are 2 stations within downtown Nara - JR Nara and Kintestsu Nara Station.

To walk to the venue will take approx. 20 minutes from Kintestsu Nara Station and 30 minutes from JR Nara. These are beautiful walks through the national park.

Shuttle buses will be available to take delegates to and from the venue at the start and end of each day.

Public buses in Nara

Nara’s buses are run by the Nara Kotsu Bus company. Most of Nara Kotsu’s regular buses are coloured green and beige, but they also run two special “Loop Bus” services for tourists which are coloured yellow. These buses run a circuit of the main sites in central Nara with stops at both JR Nara and Kintetsu Nara Stations.

Apart from the colour, the big difference between these yellow Loop Buses and the regular green buses is how you board them and the method of payment. You should board the Loop Bus from the front of the bus, and pay as soon as you get on. The Loop Bus has a fixed fare of 210 yen for adults, and 110 yen for children. When you want to get off the Loop Bus you should use the rear exit. When you use regular green Nara buses however, you should board from the rear of the bus and pick up a numbered ticket. The number on your ticket will correspond with a numbered fare chart above the driver’s seat, and you will pay the specified fare when you exit from the front of the bus.

Regular buses

  • At Kintetsu Nara Station Exit 5 use Nara Kotsu bus stop no. 1
  • At JR Nara station use Nara Kotsu bus East Side bus stop no. 2

In both cases take the bus towards "Kasuga-taisha shrine" and get off at "Nara Kasugano International Forum Iraka".

City Loop bus
Take a city loop bus #1 (anti-clockwise loop) and get off at "Todaiji Temple Daibutsu-den / Kasuga-taisha Shrine" and walk for 3 minutes.

Useful link: Nara city bus terminals and information

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