Symposium Chair/Speaker

Sarah Woolley, McGill University, Canada

Sarah Woolley

Sarah Woolley received her BSc at Duke University in 1996 and her PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in 2002. For her graduate work she investigated the role of dopamine in the regulation of social behavior in lizards and mice with Dr. David Crews.  As a postdoctoral researcher with Allison Doupe at the University of California, San Francisco (2003-2010), she continued to study dopamine and social interactions, this time in songbirds.  Since joining McGill University in 2010, her research has focused on the neural mechanisms underlying song production and perception in a songbird, the zebra finch. Using a combination of electrophysiology, behavioral analysis, molecular biology and computational methods, Professor Woolley studies how social interactions, in development as well as adulthood, shape song perception and preference in female finches.

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