Symposium Chair/Speaker

Mriganka Sur, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Mriganka Sur

Mriganka Sur is the Newton Professor of Neuroscience and Director of the Simons Center for the Social Brain at MIT, which he founded after 15 years as head of the MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. His laboratory studies the plasticity and dynamics of the cerebral cortex of the brain using experimental and computational approaches. His group has discovered fundamental principles by which networks of the cerebral cortex are wired during development and change dynamically during learning. They have identified gene networks underlying cortical plasticity, and pioneered high resolution imaging methods to study cells, synapses and circuits of the intact brain. Recently, his laboratory has demonstrated novel mechanisms underlying disorders of brain development, and proposed innovative strategies for treating such disorders.

Dr. Sur is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of the UK, the National Academy of Medicine, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the World Academy of Sciences, and the Indian National Science Academy.

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