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Tomomi Shimogori, RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan

Tomomi Shimogori

Tomomi Shimogori obtained her doctoral training in Pharmaceutical science with Kazuei Igarashi studying the molecular mechanisms of protein translation initiation in cancer cells. After obtaining PhD, she did her post doc training with Elizabeth Grove in University of Chicago. She focused to understand molecular mechanisms of cortical area patterning in mouse brain. She developed mouse in utero electroporation, one of the technique heavily used in many neuroscience labs these days. Since becoming an independent investigator in 2004, she has been focusing on investigation of the molecular mechanism that controls the critical period plasticity in different species and circuits. She also works on Common Marmoset brain development as a model system addition to mouse. Currently, as one of the Brain/MINDS team members, she has been developing digital marmoset gene atlas web site.

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