Erika Sasaki, Central Institute for Experimental Animals Japan and Keio University, Japan

Dr. Erika Sasaki

Dr. Erika Sasaki is Director of Center of Applied Developmental Biology, Central Institute for Experimental Animals (CIEA) and Project Professor in Advanced Research Center, Keio University, Japan. She has generated the world’s first transgenic marmoset with germline transmission in 2009. Her current research focuses on establishing human disease models in genetically modified marmosets for preclinical research and assessing safety and efficacy of regenerative medicines in disease treatment. Dr. Sasaki has received several awards for her expertise and achievement in this area including Prize for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Andoh-Tajima Award of the Japanese Association for Laboratory Animal Science. She is an organizing committee member of Japan Society for Marmoset Research, Asia-Oceania Research group for Common marmoset.

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