Alessandra Pierani, Imagine Institute and Institute of Psychiatry and Neurosciences of Paris, France

Alessandra Pierani

Alessandra Pierani is Director of Research at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). She heads the team “Genetics and Development of the Cerebral Cortex” with a dual affiliation at the Imagine Institute (Institut des Maladies Génétiques, Hôpital Necker Enfants malades, Paris) and the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurosciences of Paris (IPNP, Hôpital St Anne, Paris) (France). Her research focuses on the role of transient neuronal populations in cerebral cortex development, evolution and pathology.

She obtained two PhDs in Biology at the University of Florence (1986) and University of Paris XI (1994) and trained first as a molecular biologist and biochemist at the Rockefeller University (New York). She then begun her work on neural development at the Institut Curie (Orsay) and pursued it at Columbia University (New York) and the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris). From 2006 until 2017, she was a group leader at the Institut Jacques Monod in Paris. She was awarded a CNRS-ATIPE grant (1999), a City of Paris prize (2006) and the Foulon Prize of the French Academy of Science (2012).

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