Meeting Chair

Fumio Matsuzaki, RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology, Japan

Stefano Stifani

Fumio Matsuzaki got Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo. After a postdoctoral fellow at the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute, then at the Rockefeller University, he began genetic research on Drosophila neurogenesis in 1989 when he started his own group at the National Institute of Neuroscience in Tokyo. In 1998, he was appointed professor at Tohoku University, and then as a founding member of the RIKEN CDB in 2002. He has been continuously interested in the genetic programs and plastic mechanisms underlying neural development. His laboratory has discovered several key mechanisms controlling asymmetric divisions in neural progenitor cells using Drosophila and mouse as model systems. He also recently discovered a transition in the division mode that generates translocating self-renewing progenitors in the murine cortex, providing insights into mammalian brain evolution.


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