Symposium Chair/Speaker

Stefania Maccari, University of Lille, France

Stefania Maccari

Stefania Maccari is Professor of Neuroscience and co-director of the Laboratory International Associated (LIA), which has associated University of Lille1 - CNRS, France/ Sapienza University of Rome – IRCCS Neuromed, Italy. Moreover, she serves on many internal and external advisory committees, panels, and boards and is currently a Reviewing Editor for different scientific journals. She has been the recipient of several national awards for her research. She has supervised a huge amount of PhD students. Some of them are today professors in important universities in France and in USA. She organized several summer schools on brain plasticity in life span including the PENS-Blackwell Summer School. Her research focuses on understanding the role of early life stress in neurodevelopment. In Particular, stress-related events that occur during perinatal life have lifelong programming effects on the regulation of stress response, emotional behavior, metabolism and cerebral plasticity, with a considerable impact on the susceptibility to developing age-related disorders. Developmental programming is a key area of research for the health of the population and understanding the programming of development is crucial! Stressors occurring during critical periods of development such as perinatal life may play on epigenetic mechanisms, changing the phenotype of an individual. It is known that maternal care induces long-term environmental epigenetic programming, which establishes and sustains the phenotype of the offspring.

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